Long Term Leasing

Why Long Term Leasing?

Outsourcing is an ideal option to cut down your expenses. Leave the trouble of fleet maintenance and management to us; and you sit back and enjoy the benefits of having a young fleet of excellent cars which is always at your disposal for all your company operations. At Tauruscar Rental LLC you can choose the car that was right and beneficial to you which you will pay on monthly basis with Insurance inluded. A long-term car rental can be a more affordable option compared to leasing a car for several months.


  • Renting a car can be more cost-effective compared to owning a vehicle, especially for occasional or short-term use. Renters can avoid expenses associated with vehicle ownership, such as purchasing, maintenance, insurance, and depreciation
  • Long term pocket friendly payment plans.
  • No hidden fees or charges.
  • Enjoy free delivery & Pick up at any location in Dubai
  • Practical & convinient choice


  • Our long term car rental service process is simple & straightforward which you can save a lot of time.